Get infected
by the virus of humanity!

Culture can‘t fight a virus? Not Corona, not immediately.

But there are viruses that are called: fear, hysteria, panic, despair, helplessness. And: ruthlessness, selfishness, inhumanity. And: decay of civilization. And culture can help against viruses like these.

Peaceful hearts. Everywhere in the city, in places where people strive to fight the panic that is rising within them, where they fear the loss of any feeling of security that seemed to be a matter of course for us.
These hearts signal: we must not allow us to be powerless.

Peaceful hearts. They are intended to show that there is still a counter-world in which not everything falls apart before our eyes, faster than we can see. They call on us not to give up on us – us and others. They call not to fear the uncertainty. They want us not to be afraid of the fear of insecurity.
They call us to ask what each of us can do for his fellow human beings, for all of us. They call on us not to be paralyzed.

They are just there as a sign that not everything breaks down.

Peaceful hearts. Small, in apartment windows. Large, at bus stops. If you want, you can encourage yourself and others with them. You can hang them up at home. You can forward them to friends and acquaintances. You can ask in grocery stores and pharmacies if they can hang there.

Peaceful hearts. Free for everyone. Cost nothing. Templates under the downloads.

Peaceful hearts. On Instagram and Facebook.

Human culture will show how we deal with the crisis and what we do with the post-Corona period.

Solidarity is tenderness
among people!